A very common question I get asked pretty much on a weekly basis is, “Am I comfortable with all skin tones and how did I get started doing South Asian weddings.”   Regarding skin tones I have never been intimidated.  I “live” and “breathe” makeup!  I can literally spend hours in one makeup store touching and sampling everything I see.    When I first meet a client,  I start observing the different skin tones I see on her face, neck, chest and arms.   As woman we all come in so many BEAUTIFUL SKIN SHADES.  Whether it's light porcelain skin, tan/golden skin, deep dark brown and everything in between, I have pretty much seen it all these past 10+ years and worked on such a variety.  I have worked for MAC, Bobbi Brown, Chanel, Benefit, Laura Mercier, Smashbox, Lancome, Prescriptives, and Fashion Fair Cosmetics, and I am forever grateful for all of those lines because it gave me the experience and confidence in really learning how to make every woman- no matter what her skin tone is- to look her absolute BEST.   Working behind the counter in the malls you meet such a variety of women with so many different needs it prepared me, without me even realizing it, to be where I am right now with my career.  The most gratifying feeling for me is to give a woman “confidence” and have her look in the mirror and truly LOVE herself for who she is and how she looks.  That is honestly my ultimate goal with every person I come in contact with.   Regarding South Asian weddings, I met a photographer  at a mutual wedding we were doing together and she encouraged me to do some South Asian wedding shows. At that point I had only done a handful of South Asian weddings, as most of my weddings at that time were Western brides, and I thought to myself what a great way to for me to offer my services to a wider range of clientele.  So there I was at my first wedding show not knowing what to expect, and I must say what an amazing experience and success that show turned out to be for me.  I honestly almost wasn’t prepared on how quickly my career would really take off soon afterwards.   I would say after my first 10 to 15 South Asian weddings, that I booked after that one wedding show,  the referrals started to come in faster than I expected.  Next thing I knew I was traveling to about 3 to 4 states and began doing hair and  bridal draping.     And here I am today now traveling several states AND now doing destination weddings.  Along the way I have had some awesome advice from friends, family, photographers, wedding planners, and the support of my husband and two girls!  I am also forever grateful for each and every referral. Aside from being a wife and mother, I truly have the BEST JOB ever! I get to have a part on such an important and memorable day in a woman’s life.  I have cried with some of my brides, definitely laughed, and have made some beautiful friendships along the way!   My work ethic and reputation mean so much to me, and I will always strive to give 110% to each and every bride and hope to continue to do so for many  more years to come.  Love, Pauline




Freelanced as a Professional Makeup Artist for  MAC, Bobbi Brown, Chanel, Benefit, Lancome, Prescriptives, Laura Mercier, Smashbox, and Fashion Fair Cosmetics.


Worked for Channel TV51 as lead makeup artist for former heavy weight champion Larry Holmes.


Worked featured on Maharani, Philadelphia Bridal Magazine, and South Asian Bride Magazine.





Based in Bethlehem, PA


On site location services provided


Available for destination weddings


Airbrush or creme foundation




False eye lash application




Dupatta/chunni setting for South Asian brides

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